Persistent Peril were asked to create in show graphics for Jonathan Ross’s new film show pilot, 'Love Film Night'.
We pitched two countdowns for the 'Top 10 most bizarre super hero films'. We produced two completely different graphic sequences, both bringing fun and character. One sequence depicted a ‘Batman‘ style criminals features being rearranged into the numbers by an offscreen vigilante. The second was a kinetic sequence of punches and numbers inspired by scratching on film and Hong Kong cinema. 
We also created the ‘Patometor’, an on screen lower third counter used to measure the age of Robert Pattinsons London fans, in a quest to find the oldest!
We worked quickly with a fantastic brief and playful approach. The pilot itself looked great and we are keeping our fingers crossed it’s picked up and on air soon.
Client: Hot Sauce
Producer: Matt Richardson
Animation and Design: Persistent Peril