6 Cool Photoshop Actions to enhance your photography and digital art

These Photoshop Actions are outstanding with dark images and subjects on black backgrounds with high contrast, however they work well with normal photos specially if you darken them a bit before playing one of the Actions.

Perfect for any type of photo or image between 800 and 3000 pixels: the starting Resolution will influence the final outcome so you may want to increase the image size if you need to apply the effect on a small image (inferior to 800 pixels)

You can decide manually where to apply the effect and modify the final outcome as you like. The final effect is on a separate Folder in the Layers Panel, just by Duplicating that and changing its Blending Mode you will find other cool color combinations

How do I combine actions?
Run the first action on your photo.
Save your image in a new document
Now re-open your image and run another action

Inside this File:
1 .atn set with 6 Actions
1 .abr with the brush needed to draw the particles
Read Me file with instructions