Boost Soundcloud Profile By Buying SoundCloud Plays
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    Boost Soundcloud Profile By Buying SoundCloud Plays
Boost Soundcloud Profile By Buying SoundCloud Plays
For anyone who hasn’t heard of SoundCloud, think of a YouTube spin-off for purely audio compilations. What YouTube has done for video, and Instagram has done for photos, SoundCloud has done for musicians and even podcasters. This free platform enables users to upload their own original material, and allows other users to discover, play, and follow these artists.
What’s Up: SoundCloud
The SoundCloud service has been around since 2007, growing in that time from a completely free sharing service to one that has attracted investors and subscribers. Even social media giants like Twitter have a vested interest in the music service (to the tune of seventy million dollars, in the case of Twitter). And although the service remains free to users who don’t mind the interruption of ads, it also offers a monthly subscription service called SoundCloud Go.
In its early years, SoundCloud experienced censure from recording labels and established artists because of the potential copyright infringements inherent in its model, but the service has since cut deals with many of those same labels, resulting in a music catalog that includes established favorites as well as new artists that can only be found here.
SoundCloud Plays, Profiles, & Rankings
In a model similar to that of YouTube, SoundCloud users can choose to follow specific artists and uploads, immediately seeing any new content being posted by a contributor they enjoy or admire.  Also like YouTube, the SoundCloud system keeps track of how many hits or “plays” a given audio track garners, and accordingly ranks the available audio offerings by popularity.
The higher the ranking of an artist or recording, the higher their profile becomes and the more visible they become to additional potential listeners. In this way, popularity feeds more popularity, and popularity can grow exponentially after its initial liftoff.
Because many artists are using SoundCloud as a venue in which they and their music can be “discovered,” these users place a high priority on achieving a high profile on the service.
Boosting a SoundCloud Profile
Artists and Uploaders use a variety of tactics to get their music or audio offerings noticed. When it comes to boosting a profile, there are a number of recommended approaches along the lines of snappy user names and profile artwork, social media linkage, and built-in SoundCloud spotlighting to showcase a favorite track. Any of these approaches can help attract attention to an artist and their music, thereby increasing their popularity and, in turn, increasing their visibility to additional users.
The features of SoundCloud include a distinct URL, or internet address, for each uploaded sound track, enabling artists or fans to embed the sound files on different social media. In addition to the plays garnered within the system itself, artists can attract wider attention through targeted use of outlets like FaceBook, Twitter, and other social media.
Another tactic for attracting plays—considered by some to be a “black hat” practice—is the option of purchasing SoundCloud Plays. While the ethics of this practice are still under debate, the practice itself is not barred, and there are any number of outlets where an artist can purchase plays for reasonable prices. 
Rather than having to wait for slower organic growth in popularity, a new upload could jump in popularity like a video gone viral. When the song itself has merit, it only needs that initial attention in order to become noticed and get shared. If an artist chooses to opt for services like buySCPlays to help launch a recording, it is generally a one-time investment to get that recording off the ground and into the hearts of the audience.