The green way of washing clothes.
Designers: Ahmet Burak Aktas, Salih Berk Ilhan, Adem Onalan, Burak Soylemez
Washit is a product that simply combines a small washing machine with a shower cabinet which enables user to wash his/her own clothes with the same water that he/she uses while showering. This concept brings lots of advantages both in domestic life and pubic usage such as fitness centers, festivals or airports.
Why Washit?
Washit is a product that changes our daily routines. It is responsible to our most precious resource: water. With Washit, washing clothes in piles will become a thing of the past. Every time that user wants to take a shower, it will be an opportunity to wash his/her a few pieces of clothes without using any extra water
Washit can be modified specially for public usage. The washing machine part of the Washit is accessible from inside, which enables user to take off his/her clothes and put them into the machine from the inside of the cabinet. Public Washit has the ability to refresh clothes with Airwash technology which enables user to take his/her clothes back quickly, without bad odors and sweat.
How it works?