Soul Of The Street Calendar 2017
Soul Of The Street Calendar
Illustration for New Year Calendar 2017

Client: Ocean Bank
Illustration Team: Vuon Illustration
Published in January 2017
"Even though by no way is it unique to Vietnam only, street vending is an essential part of city life. 
Street vendors can be roughly divided into three types: those who constantly move around either by bike or on foot, those have a stable stand on a street and lastly, those who own a shop and expand their products on the pavement. They serve as an informal yet extremely important agent in the local economy."

Impressed by the works Rong Pham had made for the project Vietnam Street Cart (you can see 5 of the 11 illustrations from the project here), Ms.Nhai and Ms.Chi from Ocean Bank contacted us to make 12 illustrations for New Year Holiday as they fell in love with the beauty of Vietnamese street life too! 

I want to say thank you (again) to Ms.Nhai and Ms.Chi for giving us a chance to work on this interesting project!
Street Barber
Flower Cyclo
Souvenir Cart
Coconut Cart on Motorbike
Cool Fruits Wagon
Flower and Balloon Cart
Mobile Non La Shop
Floating Market
Flower Cart On Bicycle
Bun Rieu On The Street
Blossom Flower Cart
Ice Tea on the pavement in Ha Noi
Thank you!
Soul Of The Street Calendar 2017
Multiple Owners
Rong Pham