"Green" Design Kit
Senior Thesis
For my senior thesis at Drexel University, I developed an extended 3-piece mailer campaign for AIGA promoting the environmental movement and “green” practices within the graphic design community. To make this kit engaging and fun, I developed 3 "monsters" that were to respectively represent air, water, and land. Each of the 3 environmental mascots were dedicated their own sections in the kit and included information, resources, or tools for the user. By providing notecards, postcards, and letterheads; the user was given the opportunity to share what they learned with friends or peers. They were also given templates to create their own foldable toy monsters and "body parts" to customize the look of their toy. Production of the kit would ensure high "green" standards such as low-VOC eco-inks, sustainable and recycled paper, and low water/sustainable energy print production while maintaining superior quality.
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