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    An App to help young children to form their letters and shapes. With the ability for adults to send the results in colourful emails to loved ones… Read More
    An App to help young children to form their letters and shapes. With the ability for adults to send the results in colourful emails to loved ones. Read Less
Share My ABCs
An app for the super users of the future
Share My ABCs was such an exciting project to work on fromso many perspectives. The client was driven to create a great experience foryoung children and allow them to learn how to form letters and shapes whilehaving fun. The creative was in my hands and most importantly I had to design aUI for one of the most demanding user groups out there. No, not an iPhone user;but children.

The application creates traceable letter shapes, animaldrawings and full words for children to learn. They all sit on a long alphabetlandscape allowing children to have fun swiping the iPad about, as they love todo. Each drawing the child does is saved in the parents section, from which Mum& Dad can send their children’s masterpieces in a fridge ready image to allthe family.
It was such a challenge as I needed to design something achild who can’t read could use. Queue a lot of research, experiments and changesto get the right images but it lead to so much learning. It was fascinating tosee how old the images we use to communicate on computers are. Just think ofthe save button… how will a three year old know what a floppy disk is!?

This project allowed me to be so creative and also pushed meto think of how simple an app can be but still be accessible to parents in theirown section. I used maths problems to allow them to log in to their own privatesection. I grew the style from the children’s pages up to retain the brand. I retainedthe design features like image lead navigation and rounded corners, but I madeit grey to try to make it un appealing to the children.

The best part of this App is seeing children use it. They getengrossed by it and the ability to erase their finger drawings is over and overtill they get it perfect. It is such a pleasure to have been a part of thisproject.

You can download this app if you like from the apple appstore, on iPad at the moment.
These are a selection of some of the original drawings. Iwork with an incredibly talented illustrator who I work with on a number ofprojects. I then digitise and simplify her style and try my best to maintainthe charm of her creations. It’s great to work in a partnership like this. I amso pleased with the illustrations from this project and would love to work onmore projects like this.

As always with the clients I work with, I am grateful toFunded Apps for giving me the opportunity to work on such an exciting project.