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    Pictures from Saturday's Gathering of the Vibes at Seaside Park in Bridgeport CT. All Rights Reserved ©mabeaulieu.com
Gathering of the Vibes, 7/21/12
Everything you can imagine - hippies, music, food, tie-dye, weed, sun, fun and community!
Saturday morning yoga for vendors, campers & staff.
Found my spot under two trees on the field. Eagles Nest Outfitters had hammocks up for people to use during Vibes. He woke up as I was setting up my chair.....
The Vibes in all its glory~
Crystal Lee Monee, Mickey Hart Band

Mickey Hart
He worked his ASS off during the show - love his gloves.
Lucky stiffs against the pit. (Luckier stiff IN the pit getting the shot!)
Before Primus hit the stage, Roseanne Barr did some speechifyin' about her run for POTUS.