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    A short glimpse into an abstract part of our history, with recently revealed bleeding edge technology from the past and short animations thereof.… Read More
    A short glimpse into an abstract part of our history, with recently revealed bleeding edge technology from the past and short animations thereof. Peer into the true historically accurate fantastic achievement by human wit and ingenuity. Read Less
Ancient High TechRecently uncovered ancient bleeding edge technological innovations from an abstract part of our history.

This is a collection of images and moving images that I found through extended periods of exploration, approximately right around the time I synthesized them. The following images might seem unbelievable but they represent fantastic evidence of an abstract history that we haven't really gotten to know, yet.

Many history books portrait a skewed biased view on historical events, even as recent as World War 2.
The abstract history project aims to mend the wrongs made on objective history, towards a more abstract, factual, aleatoric view of our past. You can rest easy that every single fact or fiction in the following text has been meticulosly researched and double, even triple checked for accuracy as to present to you only amazing and fantastic information from the past, with a glimpse of hope that historians will apply this method often. 

In 1919, a relatively secret project by the British government went underway. Very few images are available since most of the information that was saved, was quickly scrapped. After Germany won the war and conquered Britain and Australia, they had to burn all the files. This is the only remaining image of the project, where we can observe the grandiosity of the project despite the limitations of 18th century technology. Soon after the French built this giant beast, the Germans surrendered and Nazi Germany became the dominant force on earth. Unfortunately for the Nazi supporters, building this monster of a construction cost them all the resources they had, so there was no choice left other than the complete surrender to Austro-Hungary.
A joint corporate venture of the three biggest airplane companies gave birth to this. They called it the Float, and it was supposed to revolutionize the way objects float for generations of air suspended transportation devices, until they discovered that the construction was to freakish and no one would invest enough money for mass production. Although expensive, Roosevelt and Churchil both acquired one of these for their Africa campaigns. Victory over the enemy was accomplished in a matter of days when hardened german soldiers and elite turkish cavaliers joined together with the allies in awe of the Float. Later both sides discovered that it actually didn't exist and retreated to prepare for another World War.
In 1948, the world was still recovering from the big war, and it was a leap year. The Arab-Israeli conflict showed the worst side of humanity and the United States needed a safety net for Soviet nervous fingers.

They needed a way to stop incoming ATOM bombs en mass, so intense research was focused on building a targeted wave-time disturbance machine, that actually bent time around all moving objects in a particular area. All this was top secret of course, and some of the first images from the machine started appearing just recently.

This construction might be the only reason why United States conquered Mexican communist agitators and built the Berlin Wall as a protection from east Berlin's superior forces.
The Eko project was Japan's answer to the looming threat of communism faced on a daily basis by japanese fishermen who had nets near the border with the Soviet Union. Much of the economy of Japan was based on export of raw fish and rice. Since it was such an important commodity to the Japanese and such a vital export element, billions of yen were invested in a shape shifting reflective ball that was determined would terrify those with socialist flirtations. Two years after the project was first tested, the sphere proved very effective, even so that it caused the fishermen to adopt it as their symbol, which the japanese government later implemented it into their flag along with the colors red and white, even though everything was monochromatic at that period of history.
When Soviet scientist, near the end of the war, were researching meta-physics and cutting off puppies dogs to see if they can reattach them to robotic machinations for communist propaganda, they came up with a strange element which sustained its own symmetrical shape. Using this material and the knowledge gained from canine experimentation, they built the worlds first object that had this specific shape. No other country had managed to create this exact shape and communist propaganda spilled onto the streets of unwary countries like Cuba, Australia and Ontario. The Canadians certainly did mind this ideological invasion, so they decided to align with the british and form the International British Empire that consists of Small Caribbean Islands, Australia (despite it being Nazi in the war), Malta, India and France.