- naming, branding, packaging, web-design, photography 

Our client Orphica is an international leader in the highest class of regenerative cosmetics.  

Every product has its own category, but they all work by regenerating hair, eyelashes or eyebrows, which become thicker and stronger. Our Client needed complex and consistent visual communication, which would promote the company’s mission, and at the same time leave room for further growth and new product development.

To face this challenge we decided to focus on the main goal of Orphica products – regeneration.
For the main graphic element we created dynamic thick lines, that are all different colors depending on the product. 

We created the logo based on three elements, important to the brand's image – an eyes, water and a sphere - to represent the cycle of life. We we chose the light fonts, and soft colors. We also chose mint for the main color of the entire brand, as it gave a  dermatological feel to the brand

Based on our visual expertise, we created packaging including boxes, jars, bottles and sachets, gift boxes and shipping materials. We were responsible for creating an interactive website, and also for preparing many other marketing elements including supervision of photo sessions for both beauty and products.  


As a result we have an excellent, consistent and above all visually recognizable product range, thanks to which our client can compete in the international market with a distinctive, easily recognisable product.

We also took care in choosing the printing techniques – thanks to which our designs are consistent with the materials used for the final products.

Searching for a perfection. Three bottle models, each from different producer (Italy, Belgium, Korea). We choose the last one with
the finest level of white and the sharpest printing.

Thank You.

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