Bodegas Dardell, Wine Company, Tarragona, Spain
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Dardell Wine Company Project, Gandesa, Tarragona, Spain.
First Proposal

Developed in partnership with interior designer Toni Ferré, this project is situated on a hill overlooking acres of vineyards. The exeptional views on the landscape and its relation with the product produced and sold in the building are the clear priority of the brief. To create a brand image for the wine label is also important.
Building includes the production area, cellars for wine aging, storage rooms, the enologist's laboratory, an impressive wine tasting room and a shop.
Built partially within the slope of the hill to create the ideal wine-aging conditions and sided by mediterranean pine-tree woods, the building is clad in vertical timber slats, that gradually open to the landscape, leaving the winetasting room completely open to the wonderful views. 
The interor layouts are the result of shifting timber volumes and glass walls, anticipating the views gradually until revealed once accessed the wine tasting room.
It's a project that stimulates all senses, suggests the relation between wine and the local environment and how the quality of the product is rooted in its territory.