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    A children's wear shop
A children's wear shop
SAND is a children’s wear shop located in Reggio Emiliahistorical district. 

The client required a concept capable to evocatesensations of tenderness and softness which would match the character of thecollection displayed: thus our proposal to play with sand’s color and materialqualities.
The main room’s floor lies lower than the street level andshopwindows, this height difference was the input for the design of a singlepiece of furniture, arranged to contain clothes and whose top allows thedisplay, giving a sense of continuity between the pavements and the indoorspace. The shopwindows as well do not represent a strong threshold but more asoft connection between the indoor spaces and the city outside, expanding theperception of the shop’s dimensions.

Traces of faraway seas or remote worlds can be found insidethe openable glass boxes, offering an exhibition space varying from season toseason. The sandy colours and shades of the furniture and of the hand-appliednatural resin floor scatter and reflectdaylight, evoking dunes and exotic shores.
The feeling of a cosy atmosphere is conveyed also by antiquepieces of furniture as the main table and by the linen curtains of the changingroom.