kibbutz gaash
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    New branding for Kibbutz gaash and his factories - spa resort, light factory and grass growing factory.
Kibbutz Gaash
the new branding
kibbutz gaash had the same old branding for 60 years now.
The kibbutz has changed since then, all his "factories" has evolved and ready to take it another step, to look better, younger and more welcoming. My project aims to unite gaash's factories (which are - light factory, spa resort and a big grass growing company) under the same name, helping the kibbutz to grow and evolve under the same graphic face and name.

The logo is made out of the same shape with a slight movement, also writing the name "gaash" in hebrew language. (געש)
brochure unfolded ///
Light bulbs from the "Gaash" light factory 
Hami Gaash
  Spa soaps ///