Robinsons Island

Treasured for its recreational value for over 75 years
Once a thriving campground on PEI’s north shore, Robinsons Island was repurposed as a day-use nature park redeveloped to better connect with families. The primary feature of the Robinsons Island Trail System is a hiking and biking trail that provides 12 technical riding experiences, intended teach novice riders on riding mountain bike features. In addition, we were asked to develop a handful of interpretive stations at rest stops along the trail.
With its rich cultural and natural history, there are numerous exciting and informative stories to tell at Robinsons Island, particularly since much of the past is not visible. From a 10,000+ year old indigenous history, to a more recent early French, Acadian, and British history of settlement and land use, the cultural resources in the park tell a long and fascinating story of people of the area.  
Designed to engage visitors interested in exploring Robinsons Island—yet discouraged to leave the trail—the new interpretive installations are located at observation points along the trail and take advantage of the spectacular coastal views. Robinsons Island is host to many stories: we bring a few to light over thirteen interactive interpretive elements. The main themes address the Mi'kmaw history of the place, its archaeological past, its use for farming and fishing over many years, and its more recent life under Parks Canada.
Part family fun, part educational, we developed instructional and information signage for the trail, as well as the outdoor exhibits meant to interpret the natural and cultural history of the island.

STATUS: 2014–16
TYPE: interpretive planning and design
CLIENT: Parks Canada
Prince Edward Island Field Unit, client
LOCATION: Robinsons Island,Prince Edward Island National Park, Prince Edward Island

PROJECT TEAM: John deWolf, creative director, project management; Adam Fine, interpretive content and planning; 
Kathie Watts, wayfinding programming; Natalia Ultremari, graphic designer; Sahisna Chitrakar, construct documentation.