two points and a line. various illustration 2016
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    a series of new illustration from 2016. two points and a line. enjoya and spread love by jonathan calugi.
Hi Folks!!! i realize that i have something to share with you! A busy busy time!!! right now i have some new really amazing proj that i'm working on that i'll show you next year :)
In the maintime really hope that you could like this series of two points and one line :)
two points and one line.
and for the first time love to share with you some of my sketch for this amazing project did with the direction of Øyvind Kristian Tendenes in norway :) hope you like it.
a pitch for a cool proj :/ unfortunatly not go to live ... type and text by my man Federico Landini.
various editorial
coloring book
self proj.
and if you have time my talk in brisbane :) Sorry for my crazy english hope you could enjoy! SPREAD LOVE.
if you have time spread love and follow me on instagram ! CIAOOOOO