Inertia is a short, silent film about a small group of people coming of age via individualized self reflection. Shot on location in an abandoned theater, the dark aesthetic of nature controlling what used to be the thriving high society, is second only to the beauty of natural lighting, loose cinematography and dance choreography. 2012
For the brick oven pizza restaurant, Herb & Crust, I took a simple, modern approach to the rustic, natural creation of their food. They focus on local and organic ingredients, and I wanted the logo to feel the same while maintaining an instantly recognizable brand that was clean and attractive. 2015
The incredibly technical, dense chaos of the band Neev led me to design their new logo with as much obstruction as there is form. Their songs are musical chemistry problems, the kind that end with nuclear explosions inches from your face. I took the functionality of linear and direct text and reverse engineered it by hand, using digital methods to push the natural elements of creation to their end. 2015
Two finalized logos for Buffalo, NY event company. Specializing in booking live electronic & house music in art spaces and warehouses. I knew their influences of science fiction and 70’s design would play a key role in creating a successful design for their brand. 2015.
Illustration for a published psychology manuscript with the theme of “danger approaching.” 2016
Logo for Memphis Thunder Racing. 2014
Illustrations used to promote a fundraiser after the 2011 BP oil spill. Individual images were separate posters. This combined image was printed on shirts for Indiana University