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    I've been helping bands release their music since 2006. This is the end result of my art, layout, design, and packaging skills from my label Kid … Read More
    I've been helping bands release their music since 2006. This is the end result of my art, layout, design, and packaging skills from my label Kid Sister. All imagery, concepts, assembly, and production were completed by myself unless otherwise specified. Read Less
2x12” + CD for the band Antilles. I wanted to create this entirely from the ground up. Something without clarity or definition, yet it would present a tactile reward for owners of the physical record. Hand drawn stippled shapeless formations screen printed in translucent gloss on uncoated French Factory Green cover weight paper. Printed on all paper surfaces, inside and out. Embossed ‘Beholder/ Destroyer’ on cover, saddle stitched lyric booklet. Fully converted from flat sheets of cover weight paper to gatefold packaging. 2016
A split record between Mans and Lion of the North. Screen printed split-fountain print, used to represent the 2 bands coming together on one single 7” record. Both vinyl colors match the ink & image of the live photo on the converted record pocket. 2 color print inside the vertical tri-gatefold package. 2014
For this record, I created a package to compliment the music’s angular, organized structure, applied in a chaotic state. The packaging uses no glue or adhesives. I use one single sheet of cover weight paper, contained by folding into itself. Screen printed on recycled French Steel Grey using white and translucent cyan to enhance the overprint effect. Ink mixed compliment the Coke bottle vinyl color, and match center labels. 2011
After years of playing and touring together this is Animal Lover’s first official 12” record. The blooming tree image is overlays itself, offset, creating new dimension to the photo. It’s the band expanding from a small concept to internationally recognized musicians. 27”x39” offset printed poster on post-consumer recycled paper, folds into record sleeve as the record jacket. The clear sleeve was screen printed with band name and album title. Dust sleeves individually stamped and numbered. Copies on yellow mix vinyl, opaque red, both with matching ink colors. Photograph by Skyler J. Edwards. 2012
This cassette was a limited run for the bands tour after their Fundango 12”. More isolated and defensive than their earlier work, writing this took the band through the harsh Minneapolis winter. Wax-based Xerox copy on recycled Neenah cover weight paper. Photography by Audrey Shea Vanderlaan. Each cover was hand cut with an exacto knife to create the window, and hand assembled. 2013
This release was home dubbed hours before their Chicago show. Mans had one day to rehearse, one day to record, and I had 16 hours to home dub each of these in time for their show. The packaging is a digital inkjet print on French Paper, converted & hand glued. Photography by Skyler J. Edwards. 2013
Staph “Keys” was created with thick fabric covers and an aged skeleton key sewn to each, through the CD hub, and softly latched through the front of the material. Cover weight paper insert with lyrics and recording credits. Individually hand painted discfaces, sealed with mattefix, limited to 50. 2008 Grown Ups “Songs” had one pressing with off-white ink, second pressing with light blue. Using natural, recycled kraft paper, folded to wrap around the individually spray painted and stamped discs. The cover, retrained by a brass letter fastener and thread, becomes` a small kite when unfolded. 2008 Animal Lover’s two live cassettes were collaborations with Franktown Design who supplied me with layered art based on his interpretations of the music. His work became a two-sided 11x17 poster that was folded to wrap around the tape, and a small, partial O-card which was a two color screen print for each release. These were pro dubbed and imprinted, and both limited to 100 copies.