The Quirck Project
What if my personality was a band?
I thought to myself while
brainstorming concepts for this project. Who would they be, how would they look and what song would they play?

The are four measures of an 
Individual’s personality, openness, agreeableness, neuroticism and extroversion. Every 
person contains varying
amounts of each to collectively make up what we call a personality.

the band members personify these measures and are positioned in the band according to the role they play within the make up of my 
The band members

Openness, the front man.

openness describes how adventurous and open minded a person is. A highly open individual would constantly be trying new experiences as variety is the spice of life.

Khaya “stein” Themba is the lead singer and the founder of The Quircks. He started the band when he dropped out of college to pursue music cause standard career options just didn’t cut it for him. He began writing songs in his garage and would perform at open mic events, its been three months since he dropped out and is parents still think he is studying engineering. He is the lead singer because my personality allows me to be very open minded and learn to embrace new experiences.
Agreeableness, the guitarist.

Agreeableness describes how warm , 
approachable and generally friendly someone is.

Ayanda “squish” Themba is Stein’s younger brother who decided to join the band as a guitarist because….. well actually no one knows the real reason, but he was once over heard saying that guitar hero wasn't “actiony” enough for his liking. 
Neuroticism, the bassist.

Basically describes how chilled someone is.

 Daquan “Pickle” stevens is a South African born, american raised individual. He made his way back to South Africa when he got onto the wrong flight From USA to South Africa instead of USA to Canada, after the election of Donald Trump. He realised he wasn’t where he was supposed to be when he heard the accent of the woman on the airport intercom and could sense the slight tinge of boerewors and chakalaka in the air, but he rolled with it. he ended up finding Stein at an open mic event and joined the band.He is positioned as the basest because my lack of worry “most of the time” carries my 
personality the same way a basest carries a song.

Extroversion, the drummer.

Extroversion describes how introverted 
(low levels of extroversion) or extroverted (high levels of Extroversion) an individual is.

Alfred “Twiggy” Anaitor doesn’t speak much. He wondered into into one of the band jam sessions. He walked right in as if he was supposed to be there and without a single word, he began to play. Not knowing what else to do in the situation the rest of the crew followed and thus The Quirks were complete.
The Quirck Project

The Quirck Project



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