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    curated works for Osheaga Block Party
Osheaga x Skewville Block Party
Montreal, Qc June 2012
In June 2012, Osheaga asked me to curate an outdoor "in the city" art event. After changing spots a couple of time, we settle ourselves on a empty lot right by the side the "Canal Lachine". For 2 days, Skewville, formerly from Brooklyn, K6A, DHS and La Paria covered the walls of the garage own by the Canadian Parks Department. On the second day, we brought d.j's and the public was invited to come have a picnic and spend time with the artists while they were finishing their pieces. Here's a series of pictures from the event. 

Unfortunately, Gawd, Other and Labrona had to stop their work during the first day of production because the part of the wall they were working on was on "private property" side of the fence... even though the wall was ours, the land itself was own by a private company...