"Battle Inside" - the hardest battle is inside you!
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    Collestion of clothing and plush toys after the art-project "Battle Inside" where cancer-artists were fignting for their lifes through art,
When I suffered from cancer in stage 4 (and relapsed which has brought me to despair) my oncologist gave me a book by Dr Simonton. In this book he described how someone can fight their disease through drawing or painting. I clung to the book as my last hope and started drawing.
I survived and mostly this is the achievement of the wonderful doctors who did everything to save my life. But I’m sure I had a big share in this victory. My chances were low. But I raised them a lot through my work.
Later I started sharing my experience with other patients. I shared tips on how to make small paintings and collages fast and easy. the “battle Inside” project was born.
In this project I used images from “battle inside” to create a collection of clothing and stuffed toys. most of them will be given away to people who is fighting the disease now!

Finally I sent out 300 journals inviting strangers to draw two ­pages in them - as a first exercise in battle against cancer. The journals are coming back to me slowly. But hundreds of them are still on the way. If you get one – design a Page or two in it and pass it on to the next fighter! Many shirts in this collections are made using pictures from the journals.

The T-Shirts have reach embroidery and application. Each one is a unique art object. The collection was exhibited in Berlin. After the exhibition the shirts were given away to people who are fighting for their lives just now. The plush toys are given to kids who suffer from cancer. 
Everyone has fears, despair, moments of weakness, Sometimes we cry and wallow in self pity. But we also have strength. It is the reason we survive. In many workshops I‘ve asked people to draw their strongest points. And to make it easier I suggested to use masks in the style of world folklore. Most nations have incredible masks depicting their enemies, helpers, gods or demons. You could try do draw one too!

This Baby Animals Are Little Guardians!
I made patterns of the animals. Then everyone painted one. Then paom.com printed them on fabric. Then i sewed them, and everyone who was my guest in this week had to  stuff one. :-) Now they will help children who suffer from disease. They are sooo soft and cuddly! But a baby leopard is already a leopard! A baby fox is sly and a baby wolf is brave! 
They are strong! 
Like you!