Der Sandmann
Bachelor Graduation Project
This animated short film depicts my adaption of the gothic novel 'Der Sandmann' (1816 written by Ernst Theodor Amadeus Hoffmann). It is my Bachelor's degree graduation project I did at the University of Applied Sciences Vorarlberg, 2012.
The short movie was produced by me in 10 weeks (May-June 2012). The 3d models were taken from the Google SketchUp gallery and the rest of the video was done by myself.
The sound is from and the Band 'Coppelius' ( from Berlin, Germany, generously allowed me to use their absolutely awesome music pieces for my work.
Software I used: 
3D Studio Max
After Effects
Final Cut

At the moment there's just a german version of the video but I will upload one with english subtitles soon.
 For a better quality version please check here:
All works © Cathrin Brachart 2012.
Please do not reproduce without the expressed written consent of Cathrin Brachart.