This project was part of a 1-week course on Design Management.

As part of the course, our class was divided into teams of 4 people. Each team consisted of 2 Communication Designers and 2 Industrial Designers who are to act like a small Design firm.

The work was divided into 2 parts.
After discussions with the group, we all finally agreed on the name
“Design Error” because it agreed with our general philosophy
 “every problem is an opportunity”
Our brief was to make a modular Design Studio Desk System.

The constraints of this brief were 

- The work surface shall be 3 x 5 feet at 75cm height.

- Each table has to have at least minimum storage feature to store A1 sheets, rolled or flat. At the same time to leave sufficient space under the table to accommodate a mid-sized trolly.

- It has to be a flatpack and knockdown design.

- It has to be made from 18mm ply exclusively, but can be painted, stained and/or polished.
We decided on the name "Launchpad" because we wanted the table to act as a platform to initiate your creativity.
Few reasons to like our Product.
Showing the simplicity of our product.