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    It is an ongoing thing I have uhm going on. I´ll let the works speak for them selves.
To Stop You Must Die

A Love Or Lie
Its Do Or Dont You Know, Baby
Loose Yourself
To Stop
You Must Die
 This is a collection of works I did in 2009. It represents some kind of fundamental shift in my life where I realised I wanted to paint more and not just work with games. 

I had some pretty elaborate issues with how the world was turning and how people treated each other. 

Its an ongoing thing.
Dead End. Watercolor on paper. 
To Stop You Must Die. Watercolor on paper.
Taken. Watercolor on paper.
Breaking The Mold. Oil on canvas.
Biased Tendency. Oil on canvas.
Do Not Lay Waste To Homes. Watercolor on paper.
Lonestar. Oil on canvas.
Where You Must Rest Your Weary Bones. Watercolor on paper.
Black Eyed. Oil on canvas.
Ponder. Watercolor on canvas.
Rule Of Enslavement. Oil on canvas.