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    Nutrégi - Launch Campaign (Yogurt Brand)

In 2011 the Portuguese company Gelgurte launched the Nutrégi brand, a brand specialized in innovative yogurt, whose main benefit is in the nutritional composition of its products, as well as catering to the current and relevant concerns of most urban consumers.  By signing: “Naturally Nurturing” it strengthens its positioning as the brand that, in its nature, essentially wants to take care of each and every one of us, a brand that does Good. In the first campaign, Nutrégi assumed a positioning as a brand that takes the best of nature, and adapts it to the needs of everyone. In short, a brand that, quite naturally, practices Good.
We did the book of the prophecies of nature and removed some alleged prophetic commandments adapted to each package. In Portuguese either the tone or the language onthe text conveys a humorous and prophetic tone.
Agency: BeNext, Lisbon
Creative Director: Raul Reis
Art Director: Raul Reis
Copywriter: Tiago Gonçalves / Diogo Pecurto
Photography:  Máquina Invisível + Lindo Serviço

2011 All rigths reserved to BeNext and Gelgurte