One of a series of personal projects focussed on Photoshop as a 2D rendering tool. In each of these I intend to work with different approaches from the initial source sketches through to creating the rendering itself.
Concept: Ferrari F88 CS. A modern 488-powered semi-prototype in the brutish Group 5/Group B vein for track days and speed clubs.

Process: free sketch in Adobe Illustrator Draw (iPad Pro, Pencil) with a few branches of iteration (I briefly considered doing it as a Lancia 037-ish "LC3"). Then Adobe Illustrator for tight perspective-correct re-drawing, constructing technical details, as well as color-blocking the surfacing gradients.
Adobe Photoshop for organic lighting (brushed with Astropad and the iPad pro) and subsequent environment compositing.
Illustrator color blocking and gradients
Adobe Illustrator for perspective re-draw
Adobe Draw, iPad Pro, Pencil