Daily UX Challenge
Today I started a 20 day UX challenge created by my talented friend Florian Lissot.
I will be posting here each day's challenge and my findings. Hope you like it!
I interviewed my friend Elo. I asked her several questions about her wallet and how she used it.
Why did you choose your wallet?
Because it is really small and I can carry it everywhere.
What do you carry on your wallet?
I never use cash, I have:
-debit card
-credit card
-insurance card
-school id
-store cards
Why don't you use cash?
It is really messy.
Why did you buy especifically that wallet?
I had a huge wallet before but I stored tickets, bills and garbage inside. I am not an organized person so it was difficult to find everything. I prefer to carry a smaller wallet and have hus the essential things.
Can you show me how do you use it?
*She took out all the cards from inside the wallet* *Pictures below*.
What do you value the most of your wallet?
That I can carry it everywhere.
What would you change and why?
I've had this wallet for two years and I love it. I would probably buy the same one but just to have a new version of the same thing. I would buy another one only if it makes it easier for me to get the card I want but I could just stay with this one and its fine with me.
How do you use it on weekends?
During the day I carry it in my purse, use it first when I go to school to show the guard my ID to get in, then I usually go to the ATM and use my debit card. In the afternoon I pay my groceries or my meals with my credit card. At night when I go out I take out every card except my ID, insurance and debit card. I never carry cash but when I go out at night sometimes I take a 200 pesos bill inside of my wallet just in case of emergencies.
I made 5 sketches to generate ideas to improve Elo's wallet. From this 5 sketches I had some feedback from her:

-She liked the 1st and the 3rd sketch.

1st sketch:
She liked that having the ID at the front of the wallet would enable her to decrease time looking for the ID which is the card that she uses the most.

2nd sketch:
She felt the magnet would not be strong enough to hold the cards.

3rd sketch:
She liked that her cards would be organized and it would be easy for her to remember the place each card has.

4th sketch:
Too long to use.

5th sketch:
She feels its not safe for the cards, that maybe they are going to fall when she's not looking.

In the final sketch I created a merge between the first and the third sketches. Elo approved the design and said she would probably use it. 

For next steps I would create a prototype for her to use and test to see if it will be really useful for her to have the divisions inside the wallet. She says that the ID location in the front would be the best improvement for her and that is possible she would implement it to her current wallet.
Daily UX Challenge

Daily UX Challenge

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