to awake the true "I" - as an authentic work of art

The lingerie market has demanding consumers who want beauty and sensuality, but with comfort and well-being. This is how Petite Lune came about: with the challenge of growing and standing out in a competitive market. Our challenge was to transform and solidify this new brand.

The development of Naming was inspired by French lullabies, with the traditional French seduction and sophistication reflected in the line of lingerie, as well as with the memory of childhood and sleeping connected to the line of pajamas. Thus came Petite Lune: ready to emphasize nostalgia, delicacy and refinement. A brand whose versatile name means “little moon”, as the moon being the feminine part of the sun and the universal symbol of the feminine and receptive. A brand that was born to welcome each woman as unique, providing well-being and reflecting its beauty.

We created an elegant brand that conveyed the spirit of the company and its essential characteristics. The result is inviting and minimalistic, with small moons formed by their letters, always showing their feminine spirit. The brand is versatile, with sober colors for the lingerie line, and cheerful colors for the pajama line. A spontaneous brand, without losing sophistication.

We develop Brand Positioning, Naming, Verbal Identity, Brand, Brand Book and Stationery. A design that reflects the sophistication of Petite Lune lingerie products, as well as the fun universe of their pajama line.

Petite Lune