The Tenants is a photo album portraying inhabitants of the post-war modernist estates we illustrated and turned into paper model kits and books for the past five years. The pictures capture them in front of their brutalist homes - some just renovated, others awaiting proximate demolition.

Meet the tenants we had the pleasure to shoot in the cities of the former Eastern Bloc and beyond, such as: Berlin, Chisinau, Halle Neustadt, Katowice, London, Paris, Poznan, Rostock, St. Petersburg, Wroclaw, Warsaw...

'Our future is uncertain, they will eventually make us move out...
I`m not afraid of changes, I just hope I can afford them' – says Shamim from Robin Hood Gardens in London, currently under demolition. 

'The neigbourhood changed considerably in the `90s and doesn`t feel that safe any more'
– Eduardo has lived in Orgues de Flandre`s Tour Prelude for the past 30 years and still says he wouldn`t change this place for any other flat in Paris.

'I will never forget this view, we had all the facilities, hot running water, it felt so modern' – Wiesław from 'Gwiazdy' estate remembers the first day he entered his new home in Katowice in the late 1970s.

All titles 'Miasto Blok-How' (Poznań, 2012), 'Eastern Block' (Warsaw, 2014), 'Brutal London' (London, 2015), 'Blokowice' (Katowice, 2015), 'Paris Brut' (Paris, 2016), 'Brutal East' (Former Eastern Bloc, 2017), 'Modern East' (Former GDR, 2017) are available here:

© for all images: Zupagrafika 2012-2017
The Tenants © Zupagrafika 2017

Paris. Les Choux de Créteil, 2016. ©Zupagrafika

Halle Neustadt. Hochhaus-Scheiben. 2017. ©Zupagrafika

Paris. Cité Curial-Michelet. 2016.  ©Zupagrafika

St Petersburg, Novosmoloenskaya Housing Complex. Photo by Alexander Veryovkin for Zupagrafika. 2017. ©Zupagrafika

Katowice. Odrodzenia Estate. 2015. ©Zupagrafika

Poznan. Osiedle Orła Białego. 2012. ©Zupagrafika

London. Robin Hood Gardens. 2014 ©Zupagrafika

London. Balfron Tower. 2014. ©Zupagrafika

Chisinau. “Romanița” Collective Housing Tower. Photo by Mihail Kalarashan for Zupagrafika. 2017. ©Zupagrafika

Berlin. Hochhaus Ernst-Thälmann-Park. 2017. ©Zupagrafika

Katowice. Superjednostka. 2015. ©Zupagrafika

Paris. Orgues de Flandre. 2016. ©Zupagrafika

Warsaw. Rotunda PKO. 2014. ©Zupagrafika

Wroclaw. “Manhattan” Housing Complex. 2017. ©Zupagrafika

Rostock. Terrassenhaus, Schmarl Housing Estate. errassenhaus in 2017. ©Zupagrafika

London. Ledbury Estate. 2015. ©Zupagrafika

Katowice. "Gwiazdy" Estate. 2015. ©Zupagrafika

London. Aylesbury Estate. 2014. ©Zupagrafika

Warsaw. Za Żelazną Bramą Estate. 2014. ©Zupagrafika

Warsaw. Tarchomin Estate. 2013. ©Zupagrafika

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The Tenants is a photo album portraying those who inhabit the post-war concrete modernist estates we have been documenting and publishing in the Read More