Interior painting

     A space design required a special approach, and the first author’s decision  of the project was the  introduction of color. And it  materialized: firstly, in the form of hanging consoles. They were chosen for the living room in a compound color of  plumbeous-bluish, the same color was picked for velvet curtains on the windows. With  dusty blue took up the ball gray, brown, ocher and deep blue. A carpet, created by the sketches of designer of the  project, has united all  into a single color composition, as well as "documented" strict geometry of  space. The final important  flourish was painting of  Belarusian artists Sergey Grinevitch and Alexandr Nekrashevich, which gave individuality and completeness to the interior. This algorithm  of  space  "colouration" worked out  perfectly  in other areas. In the bedroom, the red color lays down the rules of game; other colors “jig to its tune” - ocher, yellow, brown. As in the living room, a chosen range of colors  captures  the carpet, created by designer  and attention, again, focuses on canvases - as if they were specially created for this project. There is nothing that emphasizes the designer's managing  with color as his own dealing with textures.  In this case, it was counted on a dull luster - textile, wood and metal. A viscose, of which the carpets are made, endows color the effect of escape: it is seen from a certain angle, then it disappears again. Such kind is shown on the velvet on curtains. The ideal job of designer with color and stylistic unity of all rooms makes the object very solid  and astonishing  harmonious.
дизайнер интерьера Юрий Зименко
фотограф: Андрей Авдеенко
тел: +38067 446 36 26