Waitrose Christmas App
iPhone, iPad, Android
Brief: Make the ultimate kitchen tool, make it work on Android Devices, iPhone and iPads. Make 100’s of recipes available. Add fun interactive tools, offers, and a branch locator. Design the whole thing, you got two months… Go!

This project pushed me more than any I have ever worked on. We worked weekends, evenings and nights to get this huge project live. I met with Apple; getting tips from them on how to get featured and make it great. I kept more than three art directors happy while working incredibly quickly.
It was featured in-store, in the Apple apps store, in the Android store, in main press like the telegraph.
It is one of my greatest achievements creatively and design wise, on a project where I was the only mobile designer.
This was the first app i worked with that was featured. It was an amazing early Christmas present to be woken up with texts 'LOOK AT THE APPLE STORE!' We saw a massive amount of downloads from this, which was fantastic as so much work went into it.
Android was a huge part of this project, although this part of the project did not get as much coverage as the Apple elements we loved the feedback Android users gave and working with such an exciting platform.