New Year Illustration
Illustration for Tet Editorial

Magazine: Caro Journal
Illustration Team: Vuon Illustration
Published in January 2017
In November 2017, I was contacted by Duy Nguyen to illustrate a post in Caro Journal Magazine - first edition. 
The post was about Tet Holiday with the appearance of famous games like Bau Cua Ca Cop, Lo To (this game is like Bingo in America),... Saigon with its old vehicles and a picture of family gathering around the table at Tet.

The special thing about that is the little boy, his sister and his family suddenly become so small and they start to look at things with different perspective. The idea was challenging but still fun and interesting to us.
Bau Cua Ca Cop game
Lo To game
Sai Gon Xua - Old Saigon
Family gathering around on Tet holiday
The magazine and our illustrations on postcards
A closer look at the printing final pages,
even though the paintings were cropped a real deal but the quality of the magazine is till worth taking a look at
Thank you!