UNIVERSAL HAND DRYER features upper and lower vents that can be accessed from any direction.
The majority of hand dryers in public restrooms are installed at high positions, making them difficult to use for children and those in a wheelchair. 
On the contrary, if they are installed too low they can be uncomfortable for tall users as they need to bend their waist in order to dry their hands.

UNIVERSAL HAND DRYER is able to dry anyone’s hands, regardless of the installation height. 
The dryer is designed so that wind circulates around the central console, allowing a user to dry their hands from any position.

This design can let wind go out to every direction with only one fan, using air circulation. 
UNIVERSAL HAND DRYER detects the height of the user's hand and it sends the winds as appropriate mode. 
Non-disabled people dry their hands using the UP Mode. And Disabled people and children dry their hands using the DOWN Mode.

The convenient filter exchange method solves the problem of bacteria growth among public hand dryers.


2016 iF Student Design Award - Winner
2016 IDEA - Bronze
2016 PIN UP Concept Design Award - Authentication
2015 Design.Samsung Idea Festival - Bronze Winner
2015 Design.Samsung Idea Festival - Netizen Prize

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