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    The world's deepest website for Valser mineral water. Each drop of Valser takes 25 years to filter through a single mountain.
Valser is one of Switzerland's most famous mineral waters. Every bottle comes from one source - in the town of Vals deep in the Swiss Alps. Every drop of Valser spends at least 25 years traveling through a single mountain that's a Kilometer deep.
When Coca Cola asked us to relaunch the brand, we decided to position the mountain as the oldest. deepest and slowest water processing plant in the world and built all our communications around the line "Valser nimmst sich seit" which means "Valser takes it's own time".
We decided to build the the world's deepest website to let visitors take their own 25 year journey through the rocks and pools in the heart of the mountain.
We were contacted soon after we finished the site by a number of high school geology teachers. Eventually the site was officially adopted as part of the Swiss middle and high school geology curriculum - one of the proudest accomplishments of my career.