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    The role of sound in graphic design
It caught my eye if not my ear
The Role Of Sound in Graphic Design
Sound is present on our everydaylife’s as graphic design is. Life without sound would be pretty boring as muchas a life without graphics. Imagining a world with no sounds and only with onetypeface on one colour would be the most boring place to live.
Sounds and the existence of different graphics give our life a really coolvariety of things to look and stare at. Sometimes when both mix the mostamazing art pieces come out, from logos to posters going through recordsleeves. 

This dissertation studies the relationship between these two worlds when they come into one. The firstchapter discusses how typography should be used in order to represent themeaning of what is said, which typographic family fits better on each situationand how some characters of the alphabet are related to their pronunciation. Thesecond chapter explores the design basics of record sleeves of some representativeexisting musical styles, analysing its colours, typefaces and imaginary used.Finally the third one, which is a more factual one, explores real cases ofpeople who is able to see sound as an special perceptual condition, synestheticpeople, and the particular case of Neil Harbisson a man who is able to seecolour thanks to sound. 

The main aim of this dissertation is giving an overall view on how important is sound on graphic design and demonstrate that the relationship between both concepts is closer than wethink.