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    Recent work from the first half of 2012.
Rainbow Serpent is a personal branding/illustration project. The exercise groups a series of illustrations 
with the purpose of elegantly visualising myth.

The Rainbow Serpent, as a logo, is based on an Aboriginal myth of the same name. The circular blue 
guidelines are relationally based on the golden ratio/phi (φ).
The Labyrinth

The Labyrinth is an interpretation of the Classical Greek myth of Theseus, the Crete Labyrinth and its horned inhabitant.
Marduk Slices Tiamat

Marduk Slices Tiamat is based on the Babylonian myth of the goddess Tiamat’s defeat at Marduk’s blade.
According to the traditional tale, Tiamat is split and her halves create Heaven and Earth.
The Gaze of Medusa

A man is petrified by Medusa's gaze.
Instagram: @aldousmassie