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Traveling Chocolate Museum
Traveling Museum of Chocolate — museum of chocolate history that moved from city to city. 
The legend is that Stepan Andreevich (bear on the air balloon) is the main keeper and person at the museum.
The main problem of museum designing was incoherence. So it was born not step by step that are connected to each other. Tasks were set spontaneous, it always depended on location, promotion and circumstances. Also 3 designers have worked under this project in their own ways which also weren't connected to each other.
That's why visuality consist of different images that are used at the same time.
RETRO CAR that is used as a marker where museum is located
Informational posters
it was a first step in a museum designing. It's a part of exposition which tells visitors about chocolate history and interesting facts about it.
Main idea for posters visual was collection that was got out of box and shown to people. So it was made in a messy way with odds and ends what fills all area of museum.
Color stripes which became the main pattern of museum were created from title stripes of informational posters. 
ToR: to create something very bright that can attract attention.
Tickets and Invitations
Postcards that used for visitors' feedbacks. 
Or it could be sent by post.
Icons and Informational Plates
Prices Information
Different information
ToR: to create image 
        *that can attract attention
        *that is associated with chocolate
        *that is familiar to most people
        *that can tell a story about chocolate history
        *that we can use without problems with copyright
Author of the museum idea: Masha Golovkina
Logo design: Aleksey Bakushin
All that you can see above: Vladimir Muh-in
Traveling Chocolate Museum

Traveling Chocolate Museum

Visual design.
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