Cillit Bang banner campaign
Cillit Bang is a degreaser that removes even the toughest stains. Can be used on hobs, hoods, sinks and tiles. Just a shot of Cillit Bang to say goodbye to the most stubborn fat.

The brief was to create a new creative idea for the product Cillit Bang to promote it effectively on the web through a banner campaign. The product is targeted to young families, and hopes to provide a degreaser effective and easy to use. The brand wants to put itself in an ironic, funny and unconventional compared to competitors.

Keywords: cleaning, ironic, funny, irreverent, unconventional, extreme, powerful, comfortable, practical, fast
Target: young couples / families 25-40 years
I had to develop a dedicated microsite / landing page to support a campaign banner in three sizes (300x250, 160x600, 728x90).
I made this project during my online advertising course at NABA (Milano), hosted by my great teacher Giovanni Meroni.
Landing page

I developed a landing page consistent with the mood and style of Cillit Bang. This page briefly explains the novelty of the product, link to the official website and the social pages and allows you to subscribe to the newsletter.
Banner campaign

To design the banner campaign I've been thinking about the concept, characteristics and strengths of Cillit Bang (ironic, powerful, easy). I found my idea and drew the sketches, then realized all the individual elements required for the three banners in Photoshop. Finally I've imported and animated banners in Flash and created the html pages with Dreamweaver.
Banner 1 (medium rectangle / 300x250)
Banner 2 (wide skyscraper / 160x600)
Banner 3 (leaderboard / 728x90)
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