New York

announcing news items
and all say the same.
Parks with a bunch
lovers on the grass
a thousand squirrels live.
Masses with a reputation for active
But indolent and apathetic.
"Stars", actresses, "divas"
and automatic machines.
Offices without ink:
with "Kalamazoos" files,
with nine rings per table
and rude patrons
towards birds of prey.
Entertainment for hours.
"Sandwiches" chicken and cucumber.
Riveting noise.
Magicians and diviners
of fate and destiny.
Men of a single profile,
with infant's nose
and old hearts;
the sky caught so far,
no one looks up.
Radio. Assault Brigade.
Thirst. "Coca-Cola." Sweat.
Shine color.
Cement. Steel. Basalt.
"Garages" lift.
Prisa. Bag. Shock.
Y dollars. And pain:
an infinite pain
running on the asphalt
between a "Chevrolet" and "Ford"

Enrique Jardiel Poncela