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    If you need a reason to stop complaining, go check out the Midnight Mission homeless shelter on Skid Row in downtown LA. It’s a real eye-opener.
Midnight Mission
Bon Appetit

For many of the 11,000 homeless people living on Skid Row, this is a fine dining experience. Sadly, a vast number of these most fragile and vulnerable members of our society – the addicted, the abused, the mentally ill and the elderly – can’t make it through our doors to receive one of the thousands of hot meals we serve inside our facility each day. The circumstances are numerous. So we go to them. Our Mobile Kitchen meal delivery service hits the streets and feeds hundreds of people every single day, all year round.

Los Angeles has the largest homeless population in America. While our Mobile Kitchen meals are free to those we serve, the cost impact is $1,000 a day, and we rely solely on the generosity of our donors. An untold number of people in our city survive on one meal a day or less as a way of life. Together, we really can make a difference. All it takes is a shift in attitude, and it starts with one person. Are you inclined to participate in the solution? If so, here we are. Ready, willing and mobile.
There's no place like home

Dorothy was right. But in the movie, she and her dog Toto eventually made it back to the safety of their own home. Unfortunately, the streets of Los Angeles aren’t paved with a magical yellow brick road. In fact, 41% of the homeless population in L.A. County is comprised of women with young children. That’s probably a far cry from your best guess, assuming you’d even thought about it. Tonight, these families will sleep in run-down motels, shelters or cars. Others will have no option but the street.

Our Family Housing Program protects and rebuilds a homeless family’s foundation from the ground up. After spending one year under our wing, families once at a crossroads emerge completely transformed. And it all begins with you. There are enough of us to come together and solve this devastating problem, but we can’t survive without financial contributions from our donors. People just like you. So now that you’re aware of this dilemma, it begs one important question. Will you be part of the solution?
‘Til death do us part

Most alcoholics at the end of the line honor a devout commitment to keep drinking at any cost. And it’s no secret that an overwhelming majority of the homeless population in downtown L.A. is addicted to alcohol and drugs. Nobody sets out in life with the goal of being homeless on Skid Row, doing whatever it takes to survive. But that’s all part and parcel of the devastating disease of addiction: A one-way ticket to insanity – and nearly all of those afflicted find they cannot stop on their own.

Our Drug and Alcohol Recovery Program is a comprehensive solution for anyone willing to walk through our doors and ask for help. Based on a proven 12-step process, participants live on site for one year while they get sober, drastically improving the course of their lives. There’s no fee for our services, and we rely fully on the generosity of our donors. So please consider becoming part of the solution, because anyone can end up living on Skid Row, but together we can save someone from dying there.