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    A gift card for my wife's birthday, using my new font Kafalan Serif.
Birthday Wishes
For my sweet wife!
It was my wife's birthday, and I had bought her some clothing garment (which in the end proved a bad choice). But I wanted to add something personal to the present. 

So I created one of the "find the words" puzzles for her. I printed a card with it and also a 90cmx90cm version to wrap the garment and place it in the bag to present it to her. I also designed a small sign with "lot's of love" and her birthday. The sign is an A for Angela with wings (for an Angel). Cute,huh?

I am happy to say, that despite my bad choice on the garment, she was really really pleased with the gift and she managed to find all of the words (with a little help...). There must be nearly 40 words in there, some wishes and some related to our life.

The font used is Kafalan Serif, my own creation, which is available at www.tendollarfonts.com