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    At over 50 million, latinos are the largest minority in the united states and while they have adapted to this country, they continued to live acc… Read More
    At over 50 million, latinos are the largest minority in the united states and while they have adapted to this country, they continued to live according to their old cults and costumes. First among them, the passion for soccer. Until recently, soccer fans in the US did not have an emotional way to connect to soccer beyond watching at on TV. There was no place for them to share and express their passion for their teams playing in the Mexican Football League. But today, Fanáticos del Frío filled the emotional gab between the fans and the Mexican League, establishing itself as the first and only platform to host a mexican soccer community in the United States. Here, fans can find exclusive FMF news and content, interact with other fans while competing to make their team the number one with the largest fan-base in the US. The digital ecosystem consists of a fan-page, a mobile site, apps, and the official Fanáticos del Frío website which is divided into 4 highly engaging sessions: Fanzone: where users mark their territory with their teams colours and find out who else is on their side or against them in their city or state. Clausura and Apertura: where they find exclusive news content, game schedules, results and team stats. CoolCast: A sexy and innovative tool that amplifies the soccer view and experience by placing the fan in the same room as the beautiful Miss Cool Cast, who takes videos and pictures of them celebrating la Fiesta del Football while cheering for their team. Quiniela: A tool that lets fans demonstrate how much they know about soccer by predicting the winners and the losers for each journey, and participants have the chance to win cool prizes, discounts and cash. On the social media front, Fanáticos del Frío fans, engaging lively conversations about the leagues results, players, teams, coaches, and new hires or simply to trash talk each other. The percentage of participation represents 77% of the total conversation about soccer, more than any other site dedicated to soccer in the US and Mexico. The Fanáticos del Frío platform, is also available on a mobile website and a smartphone app which keeps our fans connected to the tournament and our brand 24/7. In only 7 months, Fanáticos del Frío has connected with a huge audience with a common interest. 23.500 soccer fans and counting: a passionate audience which not had a place to share and express their love for the football, until now. I was responsible along with Roberto Espero for the art direction and design of the project, spending seven months dedicated to create mood boards, interface design, branding, illustration of the shields designed specifically for each team, motion-design boards for the Cool Cast, art direction for photo, video and 3d. I also participated on the conceptualization of the project by idealizing the Cool Cast and all its situations, selling all the concepts to the client and also creating all the interactive scenes for the Fan Zone section. CONCEPT AND IDEAS Ivan Gonzalez Leo Ehrlich Ulises Valencia CREATIVE DIRECTION Ulisses Valencia PROJECT DIRECTION Ulisses Valencia ART DIRECTION Leo Ehrlich Roberto Espero DESIGN Leo Ehrlich Roberto Espero IMAGE RETOUCH Leo Ehrlich ILLUSTRATION Leo Ehrlich COPY Marú Valencia STORYBOARDS Jezz Gutierres DIGITAL STRATEGY Rodrigo Perez Ochoa Pedro German SOCIAL MEDIA Aldo Cárdenas PROJECT MANAGEMENT Yanneth Alvarez WIREFRAMES Sebastian Mariscal PHOTOGRAPHY Gustavo Dueñas 3D MODELING / ANIMATION Daniel Bates AUDIO Caleb Guzman Edgar Espero FRONT-END DEVELOPMENT Raul Uranga Edgar Ortiz Eder Diaz BACK-END DEVELOPMENT Homero Souza Alan Gonzalez MOTION GRAPHICS Sebastian Mariscal Roberto Licea VIDEO DIRECTION José Márquez ( Nunca ) VIDEO EDITING AND POST PRODUCTION Oscar Gato Chagolla Roberto Licea Read Less