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    Conceptual creation of the project including naming and designing each part of it, as well as camera replicas for displaying the content of the p… Read More
    Conceptual creation of the project including naming and designing each part of it, as well as camera replicas for displaying the content of the project. Read Less
photography // Igor Bajić
the Night of Museums // Archive of Photography
The Long Night of Museums (or the Night of Museums) is a cultural event where a group of museums and cultural institutions in an area cooperate to remain open late into the night to introduce themselves to new potential patrons.

This year Archive of Photography took part in this cultural event with it's project named EX.POSITIONS. Objects inspired by 19th century photo cameras were designed and positioned on 3 locations in the city, exhibiting three old photographs taken in Zrenjanin in the first half of the 20th century. Camera-like objects were positioned directly pointing to the location which was on the slide inside the camera. That way, by taking a look trough it, spectators could go back in time and experience THAN and NOW effect. And maybe for a brief moment, feel like a photographer who took that photo.
Concept & Naming
István Oldal junior with his son.
The photograph is made in the famous photographic studio of István Oldal, the father of István Oldal junior. The studio was situated in the building with the glass roof in 5 Narodnog Fronta Street, in Zrenjanin. István Oldal senior is famous for founding the first photographic studio in 1853, in this area. The studio was moved a number of times, and the building in 5 Narodnog Fronta Street is the last location which has served for this purpose.
1905, Zrenjanin, Serbia
The collection of Nemet Ferenc from Novi Sad
The view of the main street from the direction of Zrenjanin City Hall.
Bukovac Palace, built in 1905 in the manner of neo-renaissance, stands on the left side, while the former City Hall is on the right. Except from the governmental bodies, there were also private shops situated within the premises of the City Hall. In 1919, at the end of the First World War, the first Serbian pharmacy was opened in the town, the so-called, Moljac’s farmacy.
Period in between the two World Wars. Zrenjanin, Serbia
The collection of Ivan Pančić from Zrenjanin
The view of the Wilson’s Square with the famous Becskerek Bridge.
“Janković’s House“, which used to serve as the City Museum of Veliki Becskerek/Petrovgrad, dominates on the right side of the square. This building was demolished in 1964. The photograph also shows the famous Becskerek Bridge, the master-piece of secession bridge-building, which was being built for more than a decade (1893-1904). The bridge was demolished in 1969.
Photographer / Đura Roknić
1950s, Zrenjanin, Serbia
The collection of Ferenc Pataki from Zrenjanin
The Event
all photographs of event taken by Igor Bajić