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    All design work for Total BMX between March 2011 - June 2012
March 2011 - Present
I started designing for Total BMX at the start of 2011 when they approached me looking for a fresh new 
T-Shirt graphic that they could give out to the riders to wear during competitions as well as selling some to the public. 

The way I began my relationship with the brand actually happened a year earlier. I was at College studying Graphic Design at the end of my 2 year course and was given my final brief, this was a 'self directed' FMP Final Major Project brief. I decided to create a BMX magazine from the ground up, logo/articles and of course, advertisements. Total BMX had just released their first set of frames, I thought this was a great opportunity to base one of the advertisements to be in my magazine on Total BMX. After designing it, I emailed Total BMX to show them that I had implemented them within one of my projects in which I received an email in return thanking me for including them. Almost a year later I receive a Facebook message from them telling me that whilst Googling 'Total BMX' my advertisement came up on the first page several times, they went on to say that this reminded them that I design, resulting in being contacted by them to create the T-Shirt graphic. 

This project is showcasing all of my work done for Total BMX from March 2011 - August 2012.

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Mark Webb traditional advertisement, printed in Ride BMX UK, Case BMX and The Albion.
Alex Coleborn advertisement printed in Ride BMX UK, Case BMX and The Albion.
Mark Webb #GS Bar advertisement printed in Ride BMX UK.
Kyle Blake Kaya frame
Team Total advertisement - Ride BMX UK

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