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Business cards!

We love them. We love getting them, giving them and we especially love creating them. Here are some of the business cards we have done for ourselves and for our clients.

This was our first ever business card for LUMO (ourselves). We wanted something a little different, something people would look at and smile or laugh! It worked, and still does.
Feeding the Self. These cards were great fun. These cards are conversation starters, they're fun, smart, slick, bold, playful, to the point, and most importantly die-cut. The die-cut "bite" makes these cards what they are.
These were the second set of cards we did for LUMO. This time we went for something a little smarter.
Pure Strive. These cards were very slick and smart. 1 colour print with the logo embossed.
Scribbler. Seeing as this card was for a writer, we decided to write a little story to house her details.
Mountain Biker Magazine. Back to the fun stuff. These cards were based off the bicycle playing cards.
Business cards
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