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S H A L L W E G O T O M Y P L A C E ?

I believe the window, which maintains the bond between indoors and outdoors, is a framefor a dynamic urban image that is at our service whenever we need. Animatingthe image behind the window is as easy as turning the window handle.

I took thewindow from a demolished detached house in Eskisehir, and on this window, Imounted a photograph which is composed of 4 nested black-and-white photographstaken from 4 rooms I have lived for the last 6 years.

Theposition of the frame on the wall of the exhibition area means that the venuerepresents my room. A room that we can look through the past from the present.The photograph introduces the image of Eskisehirfrom my perception together with the people infiltrating in this new and hugeroom (exhibition area).