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Days of native language (process) // Дні Роднай Мовы
The translation of process. Originally was written in belarusian.
Usually the poster: photo, name, date, location, phone number and logos. Everything is clear. Here something more. Trying not slip into banal, but how? We need some kind of visual image. The Idea.
The head is empty, writing the brain map, but not getting any better. Language-tongue, Einstein, Roling Stones, flag, dog, dictionary, textbook. It is necessary to go through all the options, even the most stupid, so as not to go in a circle.
Nothing touches and thoughts are not going further.
I am trying to play with fonts. May be typographic idea will come.
I ask Vika to draw something. But what is should be? I can't even give the job. Let it be simple: boy and girl are talking but instead of bubble-words will be flowers. All right. Let's try.
But something was not right. It is clear that you should do even if you can't. Do it above "can't", as teacher usually said at the school. But don't beat your head against the wall. Postponed yet this poster. I am engaged in other work and normal family life.

About 4 o'clock in the morning I woke up 'cause got 3 ideas at the same. A cozy sweater, tongue light from the lamp and the jar of jam from grandma. Just sketch it. Not ideal, of course, but there is something to work with. The mood getting better.
Then I wash the dishes, and stumble a dinosaur on a table.
And once an idea and text are appeared "Don't leave our language, not to die like the dinosaurs." Bingo! Sketching the idea. 
Vika and Marta woke up I can give them "exact requirements" job. To draw a dinosaur and a sweater.
At the same time I wrote with ink on long scraps of cardboard. Here, for the photo I ripped them.
Checking the drawings. Ah, here it goes. Thank you, Marta.
Checking shutterstock.
Ok. There are ideas to show.

1. Kupala with Einstein's tongue.
2. Lamp. Ray of light in the dark kingdom.
3. A cozy sweater. Vika drew it.
4. Grandma's jam. Shutterstok fit to show the idea.

5. Dinosaur-dragon.
Take the last option. Hooray! Even this draft was used, which is not very correct.
Yes, it is necessary to correct the image. Draw flames. Write the name, date. I take the coal that the dragon was drawn. I wrote the slogan with marker. Interestingly, the scanning visible paper texture. Leave it. I scanbed a blank sheet.
Usually at first I do a poster with all info, and only then images for websites and social m
I collect the poster. About a month ago I bought a lot of fonts of Yury Gordon; and yet not enough played with them. They are a bit old-fashioned, due to plastic tails in the letters "а", "к", "я". It's reminiscent of the days of the BNR-times. We know that usually the fonts the same author are well suited to each other. There are 20kopeek (black in the regular date and signature) and Mr. Palkerdad (slab serif) and Mr. PalkerDadson (san serif). Need accents and rhymes to the flame. Coloring the word "homland". I move each layer to find the best place. It is necessary to avoid too many meanings. Bug fixes. I am ashamed to admit it, but mistakes were attentive reader to see them.

Vertical option for printing. Many of the text, which is not read from the screen.
How the layers are looks like. Wow. Each word in the right place.

Horizontal. Slightly different layout of information in a single floor. Not so simple.
Pictures for posts in social media.
The poster got 2th prize on 7th festival of belarusian ad aDNak.

Days of native language (process) // Дні Роднай Мовы

Days of native language (process) // Дні Роднай Мовы

The process of searching the idea for poster.