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lions, tigers and grown folk

The wrinkled skin and hot breath doesn’t compare to all the stories and knowledge grown folks pass down to the youth. In this collection I wanted to mix the comfortable style of ancient folks and the attachment-grown folks have to certain animals. I set out to find quotes that represent my obscure thought process of linking older people to animals. I integrated the quotes into the patterns, embedding them into the animals. The selection of fabrics reflects the lively array of a grandparent’s closet. Another bit of inspiration for the collection came from a fascination with folk artist, Howard Finister. I wondered to myself, “What amazing treasures are in this man’s closet?” Then thoughts of my grandpa came to mind. Then nicknames my family gives the older generations. I thought we always compare men in my family to some type of animal at different ages of their lives. So I did just that. I found quotes and animals and linked them all together in this collection.