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    Catalogue for the Exhibition Tipex '08, in the Museum of Contemporary Art Sofía Imber of Caracas, Venezuela
The catalogue for TipEx, an exhibit held at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Caracas, aimed to explain the process in which this show came to be. Through different paper formats, the booklet separates the four parts involved in the final show:

1. The key information for the spectator.
2. The Teachers: about letter, words & language. 
3. The Students and their piece 
4. The Show in the Museum
1. The smaller format acted as a "tour-guide" for the spectator presenting key information to understand the student's concept.
2. & 3.The medium format helds the "dialogue" between teachers and the student's piece and concept.
4. And last but not least the larger format displayed each piece of the show in the gallery.
The cover made out of transparent plastic with sewn transparent nylon allowed the spectator submerge into this "dialogue" prior to opening the publication.
The first group of pages with held the four voices that steered the course, the teachers. Represented by a different typographic color and style depending on their discourse.

The second group of pages showed the students' concept.