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    Concept of bar stool.
The Concept of Bar Stool / Walker /

I was inspired by the graphic works of dutch artist M. C. Escher, known for his optical illusions, duality, weightlessness and unexpected perspectives.

An unusual combination of materials and forms arouses irreconcilable feelings. Appearances are often deceptive. And delusive instability of the bar stool emphasizes the “duality” of the chair of all its aspects. The visual unreliability does not contradict its usability. And the changeability of the form depends on the angle you look at the chair from. While you are sitting motionless “Walker” is thought to be mobile.

Тhe seat made of teak, treated by native people from indonesian jungle. Тhe stays are made of aluminium.

Idea - Nikita Dubov
Visualization - Nikita Dubov, Oleg Krasilnikov
Music - Thieves Like Us