Oś Kultury w Katowicach - generative system
of prints for variable events

Part of the identity made for diploma work - generative posters, invitations and tickets
As an addition to my diploma work, dynamic identity for cultural area in Katowice,
I prepared a set of generative prints that can be used for variable events in this area (no matter what kind of event it is).

The essence of the project is to prepare a system that can be easily adjusted to any event
in the Oś Kultury area. The grid of the posters is the same like in logo, based on triangular, isometric grid. By deleting some of the triangles we can get an epmty gaps to put basic information about an event: name, date and place. The appearance of these three gaps depends on the event. They can have different shapes, size and location -but still fit in
the system.
That's how invitations look like:
That's how the ticets look like: